Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Goodbye Pregnancy Part 2

Another set of pictures taken by the talented couple Noa Haber and Nimrod Shickler, same scenery - different set of clothes.
During my pregnancy I almost managed to get away with my non-pregnant clothes rule - this is the same outfit I posted about a year ago, prior to my baby bump.
I say 'almost' because when I got to 34 weeks I broke down and bought some pregnancy stuff at maternity GAP.  Sadly, with an addition o f 25 kilograms (55 lbs) my old wardrobe was just way too tight....

Jacket: Mia
Top: Tanti Becky
Skirt: Helena
Shoes: H&M
Clutch: Desigual
Necklace: Otilya's

Can you spot the differences???

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Goodbye Pregnancy Part 1

It has been a long and hard ride but worth every minute of it. True, I was uncomfortable with my body most of this journey (that is why I've been away for so long) but knowing now the little miracle that grew inside of me all this time, I will cherish every minute.
Following are pictures from week 32, a HUGE thanks to Noa Haber and Nimrod Shickler who took these photos and made me feel beautiful at a very rough time. LOVE you guys...

Dress: morVEyos
Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo
Necklace: N2
Clutch: MeDusa