Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Pregnant Gal' in DC

I'm Back....

Was away for a while - three months is a pretty long time but apparently that's what I needed in order to come to peace with my growing self, 24.5 weeks today (for you non-pregnant ladies and fellows out there it means 6 and +-half months), and to move with my hubby from our fun city of Tel-Aviv all the way across the globe, to the unknowns of Washington DC. 
This was not planned – the pregnancy, the move to DC was as planned as it gets for my husband and me – so  many habits needed to change immediately, particularly my smoking. It was not enough that my first trimester was hell on earth – all day morning sickness, drastic changes in my taste buds' preferences, fatigue, headaches,  vomiting, not being able to concentrate – I also had to stop my notorious yet very loved habit of smoking.  This was so hard, still is, and is the main reason for my massive weight gain (at least that's what I'm telling myself).  Hell, at least if I can't smoke I can enjoy eating whatever I feel like – lots and lots of cupcakes!

Being pregnant is now starting to narrow down my wardrobe choices and I refuse to wear maternity clothes- I'm sorry but tunics are NOT legitimate clothes! It has to be either a top or a dress, somewhere in the middle just looks bad… I try to wear loose silhouettes and mostly clothes that emphasize my boobs (which are the only upside I can see thus far for this pregnancy, except for the baby of course:)) and hide my belly a bit but are not maternity wear by definition, like this maxi dress from Mango.  
Shoes are a whole different problem - it is so hot here I can only bear walking in my Havaianas flip flops; anything else just makes me mad and sweaty.

I know I'm pretty whiny for only 6.5 months and that the worst is yet to come, but truthfully – could anyone have believed that Washington DC is more hot and humid than Tel-Aviv?! I'm being punished, I know it…

Still, this is a big adventure and I'm very excited about it.
Washington DC here I come, let's see what you've got!

Dress: Mango
Hat: The Brunch, Tel-Aviv
Necklace: Dizingof Antique Market,Tel-Aviv