Sunday, March 11, 2012

After Purim

Sadly, this Purim I was stuck in bed with the flu, so all of my plans to photograph Tel-Aviv all dressed up had to be neglected. I still managed to go out and celebrate a little, this year my husband and I decided to dress as Roger and Jessica Rabbit – I know, I know, not that original, but every Jewish girl knows the main goal is to look hot in your Purim costume , so that was what I was aiming for… The photos we took came out horrible so I have no choice but to leave how we looked to your imagine - trust me, it's better for every one :)

Today, after finally feeling better and getting out of bed, I got out to a warm summery day which made me realize, yet again, how much I miss the summer.

Photographer: Shira Granit

Jacket: Mia
Skirt: Helena