Monday, February 20, 2012

Venice Mask Festival Part 2

 Wondering the narrow streets of Venice during the carnival, one might feel like time has gone back hundreds of years - not necessarily due to the many medieval costumes, but rather the combination of the costumes with the preserved city, its old buildings and canals and the absence of any sort of wheeled means of transportation (not even bicycles!).
One thing is for sure - it took a hell of a long time to get ready in those days, just look at the pictures below and you’ll get the idea.

In one of the city's guides, in a section called 'do not' it says not to attempt to dress-up for the festival and to leave it to the Venetians. After speaking to some of the men and women in disguise, I can assure you that a lot of them are out of towners so besides the guide people being liars – if I would have remembered the name of the guide I would have put it in my own ‘do not’ section - you can feel free to dress up and experience the festival to the full.
Above you can see me with my new fake fur hat, purchased in Rome, wearing my sister's and mom's masks.
Below are some of the best costumes I came across, everyone who dressed up was more than happy to pose for a picture, there is truly nothing more colorful and inspiring than a dressed up city.

For you sharped eyed folks, my sister is hiding in 2 of the pictures...