Saturday, February 18, 2012

Venice Mask Festival Part 1

Venice tells a tale of a medieval masked city, ladies and gentlemen going about their business covering themselves with pretend faces. Over time, more and more problems arose due to the disguises - many faceless crimes were occurring around the city and banning the use of masks was inevitable. It was decided that once a year wearing masks will be permitted during the carnival that celebrates the passage between winter and spring, so for 10 days each year the streets of Venice are filled with illusions.

My mother, sister and I took a train from Rome and arrived at Venice Central Station around noon. Transportation in the city includes walking or sailing so we took a taxi boat to our small and charming hotel – Palazzo Vitturi, about a 5 minutes walk from the main Piazza - San Marco. From the first moment, we were awed at this beautiful city that seems frozen in time. We went to one of the known mask shops Ca' del Sol and purchased ourselves a mask each.
In my mind, a mask is a fashion accessory like any other and I immediately planned my outfit, mask included. My sister, Shira, took these pictures of me in the hallway of our hotel, which looks and feels very authentic.

Photographer: Shira Granit

Mask: Ca' del Sol
Dress: Ethy and Paule, Amsterdam
Tights: Zohara, Israel
Purse: Vestiti Usati Cinzia, 45 Via del Governo Vecchio, Rome
Shoes: Aldo
Necklace: Otilya's, Israel
Bracelet: Castro