Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tim Walker for Vogue Italia

One of my favorite and most inspiring fashion photographers is Tim Walker. His work is unique in the fashion scene - very edgy and a bit disturbing even. I was first exposed to his editorials when I was looking for inspiration for my first work in Shenkar and I came across his 'High-Style' photo shoot. I loved his pompous and colorful style and his mixture of humor with darkness - which is very distinctive to his work. His editorials include a tribute to Tim Burton films and many doll inspired shoots such as the Mechanical Dolls published in Vogue Italia October 2011. 

The following editorial - 'like a doll' - was published in the January 2012 issue of Vogue Italia and it immediately made my fingers tingle to create - hopefully I'll be able share my creation soon (it needs to be created first), but for now just enjoy these amazing photos.

Reminder: New-York Fall 2012 Fashion week starts tomorrow - the joy!

Images from Vogue Italia January 2012.