Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paris Vintage Tour

Paris is a city that idolizes fashion; it's in its blood, everybody is dressed with intent – from elderlies to babies. Whenever I come here I usually spend my time either roaming the streets people watching or roaming the many vintage stores the city has to offer. You can find truly rare garments on some of the racks – Dior's new look, rare Chanel bags and jewelry, YSL eye wear and the list goes on and on.
When I started this blog, one of my main intentions was to share my recommendations of the many fashion gems I come across - shops, markets, exhibitions and special events – luckily I finally got around to writing about my true love (or at least one of my true loves, apparently I have a few) – Paris vintage shops.
Le Marais Area
Rue de la Verrerie, Paris 75004 – Along this street you can find many vintage stores, price ranges vary from store to store and cover the entire scale, below are my favorite 2.
FRIP'IRIUM 2 Rue de la Verrerie, Paris 75004
A nice small shop which sells women's and men's apparel, accessories and even bathing suites. Prices range from 10 Euros for the simple stuff to a few hundred Euros for designer garments. Next door you'll find a great boulangerie and café.
FREE'P'STAR 61 Rue de la Verrerie, Paris 75004
A big space holding thousands of clothes one on top of the other, includes women's and men's apparel and accessories.  This place is a bit overwhelming, you should take some time to dig through the clothes in order to fish out the good stuff – certainly worth it, prices are very low and there are a lot of beautiful items hiding.
Marche Dauhine
140 Rue des Rosiers, St Ouen 93400
This market is filled with many small shops holding rare vintage clothing, accessories, toys and even vintage magazines (I saw a 1960 edition of Vogue!). Like Rue de la Verrerie, price ranges vary from stand to stand and cover the entire scale. The market is open only on Saturday, Sunday and Monday from around 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
FALBALAS Stand 284 285
A must see stand, beautiful and very rare clothing starting with the beginning of the century. Items are very expensive but if you get to the market, be sure not to miss it.
Montmartre Area
CHINE MACHINE 100 Rue des Martyrs, Paris 75018
A packed 2 story shop at the end of Rue Des Martyrs, besides selling, the place also offers to buy or trade your old clothes or personal creations. On sale are mainly women's and men's apparel and accessories but also cool vintage souvenirs such as records, post cards or dolls. Prices are very attractive and it's quite easy to find good bargains.
KILLY GRIND 47 Bis Rue D'Orsel, Paris 75018
This is a special kind of vintage store, selling improved vintage items and retro clothing, all hand stitched. The small shop holds also retro accessories and is beautifully designed.

Below are some pictures of me with my brand new Killy Grind sweater, what do you think?

Photographer: Shira Granit

Sweater: KILLY GRIND, Paris
Pants: Aviva Zilberman, Israel
Boots: Fly London
Bag: Venice (Sorry - I lost the store's business card)