Thursday, February 2, 2012

4 Eyed: help me decide what glasses to get

When I was about 13 I was slowly coming to realize that my eye-sight was impaired. My mom, who is a strong believer of genetics, refused to believe there's anything wrong with my eyes for a whole year just based on the fact that neither she, nor my father needed glasses. As it turns out all of my mom's 4 children need glasses, but since I was the first one, I spent a year convincing her until she finally took me to get glasses.
I hated my glasses - before I turned to contact lenses I used to walk the streets without glasses, putting them on just when I 'really' had to see something. I won’t lie; it's kind of nice seeing the world out of focus, but when people started getting offended because I didn’t recognize them and I started to bump into things, I knew I had to find another solution so I turned to contact lenses. Unfortunately, contact lenses are not that healthy for my eyes and I've been recently ordered by my eye doctor to wear glasses more often.

Well, now I'm looking for a new pair of glasses – I went to Claude Samuel, who has an amazing collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses including a beautiful vintage collection, in order to find a pair I will like enough to wear in public.
The theory behind choosing the right pair is to choose one that balances your face shape, for instance - I have somewhat of a round shaped face so to downplay the roundness, the best choice for me would be frames with straight or angular lines like in rectangle or square glasses. Since I've never been one to follow theoretical rules of style, I would appreciate your advice on the coolest pair for me - just look at the photos and cast your vote on the right side bar.

Claude Samuel - 17 Dizingof st., Tel-Aviv

The choices: (cast your vote on the right side bar)