Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Fake

What can  I do, I'm a sucker for trends - and this winter it's all about fur.
I've been searching for the perfect fake fur coat for the past couple of months without any luck, until last week I found myself in the Jaffa flea market. The Jaffa flea market has been going through an ongoing makeover for the last few years, many Israeli fashion designers have opened shop here, its streets have been filled with hip coffee shops and gourmet restaurants, the once very ethnical market has turned into a trendy hotspot for urban pleasure.
In a nice vintage store named 'Sally' I found this grey fur coat and after 15 minutes and 350 israeli new shekels it was mine. I absolutly love it!  (and haven't taken it off since....)

Coat: Sally, 1 Rabi Hanina st., Jaffa, Israel
Dress: ART'S, Paris
Shoes: Aldo
Leggings: American Apparel
Bracelets:Nurit Amy 

מעיל: סאלי, רבי חנינא 1, יפו
שמלה: ארטס, פריז
נעליים: אלדו
גרביונים: אמריקן אפרל
צמידים: נורית אמי, ניתן להשיג ברשת חנויות רזילי

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