Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hail to the maxi dress!

There's nothing I love more than wearing a maxi dress/skirt.

When my husband was asked "what part of Tom's body does she hate?" in one of those silly games for my bachelorette party he didn't even flinch, "her legs". 
He knows me so well....
It's not that I hate my legs - I would certainly prefer them to having no legs, but still, couldn't they be just a little bit skinnier?  I swear, I could have been one heck of a soccer player with these 2 logs.

So why do I love the maxi length? Very simple - it hides  my most hated feature. 

Here I'm wearing one of my latest purchases - a maxi dress (store credits are at the bottom) in the newly renovated 'Habima' Theater in the center of Tel-Aviv. As winter decided to show it's head in our warm city, I was also making my day view in my very warm winter coat.

dress: private import, Hanut Bgadim, Tel-Aviv, Israel
shoes: Michal Miller
bag:private import, a small shop on 1 Haavoda st., Tel-Aviv, Israel
necklace: otilya's
sunglasses: Dior
coat: vintage store, Williamsburg, New-York

שמלה - יבוא, חנות בגדים, תל-אביב
נעליים - מיכל מילר
 תיק - יבוא, חנות קטנה ברחוב העבודה 1, תל-אביב
שרשרת - אוטיליה, ניתן להשיג בחנות סוהו בסנטר
משקפי שמש - דיור
מעיל - חנות וינטאג', וויליאמסבורג, ניו-יורק

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  1. תום את פשוט מהממת, סטייל הורס כבר אמרתי לך!