Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bye Bye 2011

2012 is getting closer every minute and while most people are having some kind of accomplishment check or soul searching, I am spending my time picking the perfect Silvester outfit. 
Do not be mistaken, I am not going to any special party nor am I planning on roaming the streets of Tel-Aviv. Most likely the only people who will be there to appreciate my outfit is my husband, our cat and maybe a few friends, but that doesn't really matter . My motto in getting dressed is, and always has been, "OVERDRESS". And there's no better occasion for over-dressing as the Silvester. 
So here it is - my pick for welcoming 2012, Happy New Year!

Photographer: Eliezer Granit (you do the math... :))

Dress: The Hellers
Jacket: Mango
Tights: Zohara
Shoes: Aldo

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The Hellers, one of Tel-Aviv's most interesting fashion brands, and one of my personal favourites, is moving to LA - a very sad occasion to the local fashion scene, but a big reason to celebrate for the Hellers themselves, who used the opportunity to open a pop up shop in Nahalat Binyamin for a week.
The brand, founded in 2008 by the siblings Dania and Yoram Heller, has set its mission on producing 'timeless, expertly tailored pieces that can be worn yearlong'. The brand's clothes are indeed impeccably made, with attention to every detail, very colorful and fun yet still sophisticated and flattering.

The pop up shop is located at one of the small streets coming out of the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian street. It offers very appealing bargains such as cool party dresses (perfect for the Silvester) for the ridiculous price of 150 NIS, 3 bodysuits for 300 NIS and a 30% discount on the brand's current collection.


The Hellers pop up shop - 25.12-30.12 @ Mohaliver 47, Tel-Aviv
Next post - my brand new The Hellers dress in my Silvester look.....

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Behind the scenes

Wednesday afternoon, Ronen Fadida's studio, Tel-Aviv, shooting for Shenkar's personal styling project.

Thanks to Yuliya Yakobov for her styling and to Adi Amir for taking the pictures.

Necklace: MeDusa
Shoes: Fornarina
Leggings: Zohara

שרשרת: מדוזה
נעליים: פורנרינה
גרביונים: זוהרה

Monday, December 19, 2011

Yellow Hanuka

As Hanukka arrives, many shops are lowering prices and having special sales. This dress and clutch are from La Tante, which are having a sale this Thursday (22/12).

Yes, this is a December day in Tel Aviv :)

Dress & Clutch: La Tante
Shoes: Olive Thomas
Bracelet: Rubystar

שמלה ותיק קלאץ': La Tante
נעליים: Olive Thomas
צמיד: Rubystar

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Fake

What can  I do, I'm a sucker for trends - and this winter it's all about fur.
I've been searching for the perfect fake fur coat for the past couple of months without any luck, until last week I found myself in the Jaffa flea market. The Jaffa flea market has been going through an ongoing makeover for the last few years, many Israeli fashion designers have opened shop here, its streets have been filled with hip coffee shops and gourmet restaurants, the once very ethnical market has turned into a trendy hotspot for urban pleasure.
In a nice vintage store named 'Sally' I found this grey fur coat and after 15 minutes and 350 israeli new shekels it was mine. I absolutly love it!  (and haven't taken it off since....)

Coat: Sally, 1 Rabi Hanina st., Jaffa, Israel
Dress: ART'S, Paris
Shoes: Aldo
Leggings: American Apparel
Bracelets:Nurit Amy 

מעיל: סאלי, רבי חנינא 1, יפו
שמלה: ארטס, פריז
נעליים: אלדו
גרביונים: אמריקן אפרל
צמידים: נורית אמי, ניתן להשיג ברשת חנויות רזילי

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hail to the maxi dress!

There's nothing I love more than wearing a maxi dress/skirt.

When my husband was asked "what part of Tom's body does she hate?" in one of those silly games for my bachelorette party he didn't even flinch, "her legs". 
He knows me so well....
It's not that I hate my legs - I would certainly prefer them to having no legs, but still, couldn't they be just a little bit skinnier?  I swear, I could have been one heck of a soccer player with these 2 logs.

So why do I love the maxi length? Very simple - it hides  my most hated feature. 

Here I'm wearing one of my latest purchases - a maxi dress (store credits are at the bottom) in the newly renovated 'Habima' Theater in the center of Tel-Aviv. As winter decided to show it's head in our warm city, I was also making my day view in my very warm winter coat.

dress: private import, Hanut Bgadim, Tel-Aviv, Israel
shoes: Michal Miller
bag:private import, a small shop on 1 Haavoda st., Tel-Aviv, Israel
necklace: otilya's
sunglasses: Dior
coat: vintage store, Williamsburg, New-York

שמלה - יבוא, חנות בגדים, תל-אביב
נעליים - מיכל מילר
 תיק - יבוא, חנות קטנה ברחוב העבודה 1, תל-אביב
שרשרת - אוטיליה, ניתן להשיג בחנות סוהו בסנטר
משקפי שמש - דיור
מעיל - חנות וינטאג', וויליאמסבורג, ניו-יורק