Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Telaviv Fashion Week

All in all it was a very exciting week in Tel Aviv. This was the first oficial fashion week held in the city that never sleeps since the 70's. My fashionable city got all dressed up for the event and for 3 days it was all about fashion – almost a dream come true. Just almost.
Being an ocean city, its Mediterranean weather and the fact that everybody knows everybody makes tel-aviv's style very unique. Where else in the world can you wear a designer dress with havaianas flip flops?
The city's streets are filled with unusual garments designed by local designers as well as vintage clothing from all over the world. Fashion boutiques and local designer shops are everywhere.
Tel - Aviv is very liberal and accepting yet everybody knows everybody – something that makes a strange combination of fashion that gives and doesn't give a damn (seems impossible, I know – I really hope I'll be able to show it in my blog in the future).
Unfortunately, fashion week failed to portray the city as it really is. Young designers could not afford to put on shows, therefore most of the shows were held by the old and established Israeli 'fashion houses' which lack innovation and creativity. I must comment here that most of them outdid themselves in the shows they put on but still, most of what was shown was a bad copy of spring 2011 around the world - see through dresses, maxi length, black&white, biker clothing and punk. The shows themselves were a bit awkward to watch as apparently the models were not fitted with their outfits beforehand which caused them to slip and walk funny and we got to see models with cellulite wearing shorts (a blessed experience in any girls' opinion). Some garments were even sent out to the runway unfinished with strings dangling down from the fabric.
Off-course there were good shows as well. I especially liked Dorit Bar-Or's collection which was comprised of blank and gold only, inspired by the desert way of life with a middle eastern flavor. The best show, hands down, was the competition between the young designers where Israel Ohayon won designing a capsule collection to be sold in 100 stores of the Israeli fashion chain – Renuar (for the life of me, I don't understand what they were thinking, how will one of the most mainstream chains be able to market a plastic dress is beyond me).

Bottom line – We still have a long way to go, but hey – you got to start somewhere.

Israel Ohayon design - image by Nadia Saad

The black sheer maxi dress – there's one in every collection

sugar daddy;
image by David Katz/The Israel Project

Alon Livne;
image by Haaretz.co.il

Dorit Bar-Or (DODO)
image by ifeel.co.il
image by David Katz/The Israel Project
Netanel Zikri;
image by xnet.co.il

The Young Designer Competition show.

Dorit Bar-Or (DODO) show.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"I'm sorry, I got lost in my own words"

Roberto Cavalli, Tel-Aviv Fashion Week

A taste of last week's events - a detailed review comming really soon.

Hatachana, Tel-Aviv; photographed by David Katz/The Israel Project
@ persy show
Roberto Cavalli
@ shay shalom show; photographed by David Katz/The Israel Project
@ sugar daddy show; photographed by David Katz/The Israel Project
@ sugar daddy show; photographed by David Katz/The Israel Project
@ sasson kedem show; photographed by David Katz/The Israel Project
@ cavalli show; photographed by David Katz/The Israel Project
@ yosef show; photographed by David Katz/The Israel Project
@ yosef show
@DODO bar or show - pas pour toi
@ DODO show, my favorite outfit

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My first time

This is the first project I did for shenkar, my first fashion shoot. The inspiration was the fashion editorial High-Style photographed by Tim Walker, specifically the cigarette picture. 

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Granit - Ramu

One of my eye-opening experiences was my wedding. The main reason I wanted to have the wedding is the fact that I would finally have an occasion I can overdress for as much as I want. My 2 dresses, designed by Mordehai Avraham, made me happy. The amazing process I went through with him while he created my dream looks was a big part of my decision to turn to fashion.

** all pictures taken by our great wedding photographer Louiz Green.

Since it was a pool party, I also had a bathing suit done for the occasion; it was designed by Gal Angle for Ugly Duckling, who also designed my hot sister's bikini. Sadly I have very few picts with the suit...

Opening thoughts

At 28, I realized I wasn't in the right place. All of my life decisions were supposedly correct, but not really, otherwise - why was I so damn bored?
I've always been good in math, a quality that led me to serve in a computer unit in the army, to study industrial engineering and to work at a high-tech company and earn well. I hated the army, the university was alright but never too exciting and work, well work gave me freedom to buy a lot of clothes, so all in all I wasn't complaining. But still, throughout everything, eventually, one feeling always arose – I don't belong, this is not where I'm supposed to be, this couldn't be it, this couldn't be life.
One passion has led my life since childhood. FASHION. When I was 10 I moved with my family to Berlin and there I was exposed to fashion for the first time in my life (Israel in the early 90s wasn't much of a fashion kingdom to say the least). Ever since, I've been collecting clothes and obsessing over my outfits each day. There is nothing I like more than getting dressed.
At the beginning of 2011 I started a styling course at Shenkar College and for the first time I started to realize I can actually work in fashion and turn my passion into my life work. Each day that passed since strengthened that feeling until finally I quit my job and decided to go at it 100%.
So here I am, very excited and not the least bit bored. This blog is meant to be a sketchbook of my thoughts, experiences, work and recommendations, all (of-course) fashion related.
I'm Tom – and I'm a girl (thank god!)
Me from LaTante collcection summer 2011